The Audio Design of Ford Mustang is Unmatched

Picture yourself starting up a Ford Mustang. This iconic American car has been featured in movies, television, and commercials for decades. The streamlined, yet robust exterior, that powerful engine, it all combines to rev at what feels like a perfect resonance. But what exactly goes into making the Ford Mustang sound the way it does?

At Ken Garff Ford, we were curious to find out for ourselves. It turns out audio engineers at Ford have spent years and years perfecting the revving sound that comes from a starting Mustang engine. Designers analyzed the human mind's responses to thunder, lions - any iconic and wild sound you can think of - and tried their best to make the Ford Mustang's engine have that same ferocity. In our opinion, it worked.

To hear that sound for yourself, come pay us a visit at Ken Garff Ford for a test drive. You might want to keep hearing that sound for a long time to come.


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