Ford Ranger Adventure: A Midsize Pickup With the Most Control


 Get where you are going offroad in style and control by choosing the Ford Ranger Adventure. This popular new midsize pickup offers unbridled offroad control to help you feel more safe behind the wheel when driving off the beaten path.


When you drive in a Ranger Adventure, you are taking advantage of the highest technology on the market, while still helping your fuel economy. Features like the Auto Start-Stop increase efficiency, automatically stopping the motor when stopped and smoothly starting it back up when you go to press on the gas. With a high-strength steel frame and frame-mounted bumpers, you will be riding in a fully-boxed frame with six crossmembers. Driving offroad never made you feel more in control.


Don't take our word for it that the Ford Ranger Adventure is one of the best trucks manufactured to date. Get out there and take one for a drive, and you will find out for yourself!




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