The Importance of Brake Fluid

Without brake fluid, you would not be able to stop your car. The fluid is what keeps the braking system in your car working. If your vehicle was out of fluid, and you pushed the brake pedal to stop, it would feel like mush and compress all the way down to the floorboard.

Brake fluid acts as a form of hydraulic fluid. It works by enhancing your car's braking force and turning that force into pressure. When you press your brake pedal, it sends fluid to all the parts that make up the braking system in your car. Brake fluid also protects the braking components such as the calipers, control valves, and master cylinder.

If you feel like your car is not stopping properly or your brake pedal feels mushy when you press it, schedule an appointment today at Ken Garff Ford in American Fork, UT and let one of our automotive technicians get you back on the road safely.

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